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Accessing our websites has never been easier, however below are a few tips to personalize your experience and a complete guide can be found by visiting our My website (Link).


Making pages easier to read

When text is too small web pages can be difficult to view. Several popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera allow you to zoom in and out using your mouse and keyboard shortcuts, as follows (use the Control key in Windows systems, and the Command key in Mac OS):

Hold the Control/Command key and scroll up or down to zoom in or out.

Hold the Control/Command key and press + or – to zoom in or out.

Magnifying your screen

It may be more convenient to magnify your screen.

All recent versions of Windows include a magnifier, which can enlarge a portion of the screen.  However, you may find you require fully functional magnification software.

You can access more information about screen magnifiers in Windows 10 Magnifier, Windows 8.1 Magnifier, and Windows 7 Magnifier

Users running Apple’s OS X operating systems can use the in-built Zoom feature.

Using a screen reader

Screen reader programs will read the content of the web page to the user.

Windows users can access Windows Narrator which converts on-screen text into speech. This is available in Windows 10 Narrator, Windows 8.1 Narrator, and Windows 7 Narrator

In Apple’s OSX operating system, users will find the VoiceOver feature.

Third-party screen readers are also available such as JAWS (Job Access with Speech) and the freeware program NVDA.

Android users can access the Talkback feature & iPhone or iPad users can access the Voiceover feature.



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